my (finally) sleeping baby

i have been a young living distributor since 2014. to say this company is amazing is an understatement. i've used the oils and supplements for everything it seems; for physical ailments, as well as emotional and spiritual enhancement. this company has been around for 20 years now, and has farms all over the world where they grow their own products from seed. 

when finding out i was pregnant in 2015, i learned which oils and supplements i could still safely use, and they helped me stay healthy and thrive. i used them during labor, and continue to use young living now that i'm nursing! i even use a few very gentle oils on my new baby, with incredible results. i can't wait to use these products while we grow our family! 

peace & calming has been a great help in winding our baby down. a couple of weeks after bringing him home, we discovered he did not sleep enough during the day, and would get overtired. once he was overstimulated, it was so difficult to put him to sleep. with the aid of peace & calming (rubbed on my own wrists, and sometimes on his blanket or swaddle) in a matter of minutes we have a CALM and PEACEFUL baby... which leads to a sleeping angel. 

over the hill and through the woods... some friendships stay with you no matter the distance.

my dear friend allie and her husband jeremy were just here for a visit. sometimes getting together with your good friends is just what you need; and in my case i didn't know how overdue i was! these are the kind of people you want to hug and not let go... genuine, down to earth, lovely people that you can tell anything to. growing up, some friends change, and so do many's priorities. some work hard at friendships, though, and even states apart things feel the same in a wonderfully comforting way. 

this wisconsin couple is also hard working in their careers; jeremy being a farmer and allie doing both physical therapy and teaching riding lessons. if you are ever in the area and want to get on a horse, or just watch my girl run her 4 legged friends like superwoman, watch this: